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The intersections in our digital work

When we work in content or design, we enable the work of almost all other teams in the organization even more than our own work.

In our digital work, we all work on the intersections of other functions. We might be working in our core function whether in content, code, design, design system, marketing, support, analysis, or in CX but we live on the boundaries where our work intersects with other teams and functions.

Quite surprisingly, we do not talk much about these intersections.

In our technology conferences, or even in job interviews, we share stories of our work and sometimes we mention how we work with other teams. But these intersections deserve more attention and more open discussions—because these enable our work and others’ work too. When we plan and design content, code, or experiences, we enable the work of all other teams in the organization and this contribution is huge.

For example if your job is to write the landing page copy, your contribution to your content or marketing team is smaller than how much your work impacts UX and design, GTM and sales goals, the revenue metrics, the support ROI, and other teams’s efficiency and goals. Likewise if your job is to design the Search function of API documentation, you are enabling developers’ experience, the support teams’ metrics, the content architecture of course, and to the organization bottomline too.

Even though we understand how our work impacts the organization at scale, we do not storify our experiences enough, about this collective contribution and being a support system to other teams.

Intersections guide us and empower us, and channelize our energies and the spirit when we work with other teams—this is foundational to the the employees’ experience and which translates to the customer experience and the brand experience, and ultimately to the product metrics.

This is why this is one of my favorite questions in a tech meetup or sometimes in the interviews too —”Where do their engineering and design and product marketing roadmaps intersect and if there are any example scenarios when one of these strongly influenced the other two for a critical decision?”

The intersections in our digital work in content, design, marketing, engineering, and other teams, by Vinish Garg.

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Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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