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The leadership in design, product, and content—such a function of timing

Many leaders do not build the team skills around the right timing.

I am often surprised that digital and technology leaders do not talk about the role of timing among their teams. For example they will work incredible hard to set up the processes around digital tools and workflow, onboarding people but once the machine is on, they do not develop the sense of timing in their decisions, interactions, actions, questions, raising flags, or even asking for support.

In this post, I am sharing a few Twitter discussions where I have spoken about the role of timing. The tweet embeds are not working somehow and so I am using the screenshots of a few tweets. I hope that we can build some conversations on Twitter and I am on Mastodon as well.

As in a few sports, timing is more critical that the skills itself. For example in the game of cricket, the timing of batter’s stroke whether for the drive or the glance make them a delight to watch, and creates more scoring opportunity for the batter which benefits their team. It is fair to say that timing is also a skill and digital and technology practitioners in content, design, and product should build on this skill in timing.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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