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Content design for interaction design

Content design makes the interaction design far more useful and relevant to everyone.

Amy Hupe’s tweet on content design caught my attention last week.

It took me to one of my posts where I wrote how content design enables interaction design. The key message in my post is—”Interactions enable customers’ actions and guide their decisions which means that we design interactions to respond to the hierarchy of their information needs, and this is content design.”

Content design enables interaction design as it sets up the pre-interaction, in-interaction, and post-interaction experience for the audience.

If you saw the Coinbase example in my earlier post, see how content design enables interaction design. Content design sets up the information hierarchy, and the interaction patterns for the audience.

The design teams who do not have a content designer or product content strategist to help them design meaningful interactions—their interaction design is patchy because the message that carries the customer journey forward is likely to be fragmented or random.

Content design brings that unified direction in the information flow, in the right hierarchy, at the right time, in context of the customers’ interactions on the interface—and it makes the interaction design far more useful and relevant to everyone.

Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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