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Content designers bring a multi-dimensional product wisdom in the team

Content designers do not only write and publish content, they build products. They build businesses.

Whether our organization already have one or more content designers or you are planning to hire the first content designer, it is important to understand the wider picture of how they bring a lot of value to the product team which is much more than designing the content.

Content designers and designers

Content designers plan and structure the content experience for its usefulness to the audience, the content hierarchy, size, position and location, readability, container-size-relationship on the interface, the white space, CTA, color scheme, accessibility, aesthetics, and helping the users make progress in journey. Then how they are not as important as the designers?

Content designers as product contributors

Content designers plan, write, and design the message that makes the users find the information they need in context of their use, be informed, make decisions, buy a product or service, and contribute to product metrics and org goals. Then how they are not as important as any other product contributor such as a product manager in the team?

Content design as sales folks

Content designers plan and design the message for the conversion-onboarding-retention cycle to help the users in their product journey for their goals. They continue using the product over a period of time helping the org grow and scale. Then how content designers are not as important as the sales people?

Content designers build products

Content designers do not only write and publish content, they build products. They build businesses. It defies all logic when you try to measure their contribution by number of words or pages or hours spent on a product.

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Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

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