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What is your dream design team?

Designing a team is about selecting people in specific roles and how they can work together.

A tweet by Doug Collins inspired this post.

It made me think of my contacts for who can work with each other for a collective intelligence to frame and design something meaningful. It is less about picking the best people in different roles and more about what makes them work with each other.

You can see a few interesting replies, such as by Meredith Banasiak.

My dream design team

I thought about what all roles I would like to fill in first.

  • Policy and advocacy: The most important part is to enable and facilitate the discussions, the decisions, the validations, fostering confidence in communication, and for drawing the boundaries. It starts with policy and I selected Cyd Harrell and Jess Sand for policy and advocacy.
  • People and designing teams: I selected Christina Wodtke because I have not seen many experts who talk about building effective teams as deeply as Christina does.
  • Foundational IA based systems: Ha Phan is the only individual I know who talks about systems and people and design and frameworks, with a strong emphasis on IA. Ha says that IA is foundational in systems and I cannot have anyone else in this role. PS: Since Jess and Ha have worked together in the past, it helps the team here.
  • Domain, models, and structure: Mike Atherton brings the domain orientation to planning the models and then designing the interactions. I would love to have Mike for their expertise in models-driven structured content.
  • Standards and systems: I am following Michael Haggerty-Villa since they were with Disney (2015). Michael leads the system design part for content and design to shape the interconnectedness between the components, and between the backend and the front-end assets of the brand.
  • Words: Elizabeth McGuane brings the right content sentiment for the customers.
Vinish Garg tweets about their dream design team

Your dream design team?

What is your dream team, and how do you design it? Share it on twitter.

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