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The UX of sound

Tom Ridley shared a few interesting methods and techniques to plan the design of sound.

One of the most memorable talks that I have attended in a tech conference was on The UX of Sound, by Tom Ridley, in UX Bristol in 2021.

Although I am following Preston So’s work on voice interface and conversational design for voice for a while now but the UX of sound is totally different. Here we are talking about the sound made by objects and machines and this sound is embedded into the digital design on physical devices.

Tom shared a few interesting methods and techniques to help us understand how to design the sound. It could be for the sounds of machines or objects such as the beep of a coffee machine or in a microwave, or in the elevators.

Google’s Material Design has defined a set of practices on how to apply sound to UI.

Watch Tom’s talk recording on YouTube. I am sure you will love the smart coffee machine example for sound design.

Watch Tom Ridley talking about the UX of sound at the Bristol 2021.
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